How to obtain your eParcel credentials?


How to obtain your eParcel credentials?

In order to connect LabelPass to access your contract rates and start printing labels, you need to obtain the following information: Account Number, API Key, API Password.

  1. Register in https://developers.auspost.com.au/register
  2. And then log in using your registered account in https://developers.auspost.com.au/apis
  3. At the Shipping and Tracking section, click on Register for a key.
  4. Complete the registration form using your Australia Post account info.
  5. Choose Platform Partner as an integration method.
  6. Select WPRuby from the list, if WPRuby does not exist, choose Other and write WPRuby in the text field. (WPRuby is an official platform partner of Australia Post).

After completing the registration, Australia Post will reply within 24 hours, and in case the application was approved, they will send you an email with a PDF file that includes your API credentials information. If you do not receive an email from Australia Post within 24 hours, check your spam folder or contact Australia Post customer support via [email protected].

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